About Us

A young and passionate young student at the University Of Tampa, Emily Muller, had a collection of keychains from all over the world. She loved how each one was unique and reminded her of a special moment in her life. However, she found that many of the keychains she came across were low quality and quickly fell apart.
When Emily realized that she wasn’t alone and that many others wanted high-quality, beautiful keychains, she decided to start her own keychain company right on her college campus! She worked hard to find the best materials and designs and launched her first line of keychains and thus GemzbyEm was born!
To her delight, people from all over the Tampa Bay area fell in love with her keychains. Each design was carefully crafted and reminded people of special memories or represented something important to them. These keychains are not just a functional item, but a way for people to express themselves and hold onto cherished memories.

Customer Testimonials!

We got these custom golf club keychains for my college's club golf team. Each one was customized with the initials of our graduating seniors and the boys loved them! They fit great on a keyring and our bags. Was a great gift for our senior send-off match.

Jared LeClerc Student

It was nice to get something simple made for a coworker's bridal shower. We ordered from GemzbyEm to add to the guests' goodie bags, a cute bouquet design! I loved how they turned out and so did the bride-to-be! Loved how quick they came too!!!

Jude C. Communications Professional

I got a keychain as a stocking stuffer this Christmas and it did not disappoint. Loved having something so cute and unique to be added to my keyring! Sweet but simple gift, I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Carly M. Designation